Support The DUG’s role on The UAS Identification and Tracking ARC.

The Drone User Group Network is pleased to announce that Kenji Sugahara, Director of Policy for the DUG, has been selected to be a voting member of the part of one of the most important FAA Aviation Rule-making Committees in recent history, The UAS Identification and Tracking ARC.

We are fortunate to be joining companies and agencies such as DJI, Intel, Amazon, Google, Airmap, Qualcomm, the Commercial Drone Alliance, NASA, Homeland Security and other major players in recommending policy to the FAA.

Addressing the issue of in-air identification of drones, the committee will discuss technology, law enforcement, and implementation issues and will make a final recommendation to the FAA regarding the framework for identification and tracking of drones. The recommendations will have far reaching consequences in our industries and our hobbies. Whether you are a commercial operator, a hobbyist, or a racer, your interests will be directly impacted by the work of this committee. You could be required to purchase an expensive transponder. You could be tracked. Your information could be made public. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

As some may not know, we are a completely volunteer organization. Unlike other ARC member representatives, Kenji is not employed by a 3 letter agency, NGO, or commercial drone enterprise and as such, doesn’t have an employer picking up the tab. Travel expenses to Washington, DC are costly and we are working to minimize costs. Taking time away from family and work, Kenji will be staying on DUG VP and DUG DC President Chris Vo’s couch for 7 days for the duration of the first session. With the ARC expecting to require numerous trips to Washington, we are asking you to join us in helping support Kenji’s efforts in preserving our rights and interests.

You can help by becoming a member of the DUG at for only $10 and making a donation specifically for this effort. Please donate what you can. We helped John Taylor win the first of his three first cases again the FAA, and we want to enlist you in our efforts to protect our rights and interests. Join the only Community Based Organization advocating solely for the rights of drone operators in the United States, The Drone User Group Network

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