A message from DUG President, Steven Cohen

Hello All,

We write you today to share the incredible progress under way at The Drone User Group Network. The DUG has grown exponentially in the last year – we’re proud of what we continue to accomplish in order to protect and enjoy our use of Drone technology.

In order to grow further, we need your help. Our strength is in our numbers – we have nearly 20,000 members at last count and have grown exponentially since our inception over four years ago.

We have set forth several goals that can only be accomplished with your participation:

  • Providing access to primary liability and hull insurance for DUG members operating under our Safety Code.
  • A legal services package for members to get legal help from attorneys that are well versed in all aspects of Drone Law.
  • Establishment of regional and local sites for safe and responsible drone operation and training.
  • Further development of regional and local DUG chapters.
  • Establishment of an Advisory Committee

Therefore we are instituting an annual fee-based membership on a national level. US$20.00/yr provides members with an advocacy network, educational opportunities, and informal training. As an introductory offer, annual membership is discounted 50% during the first 6 months of our rollout. Students under the age of 19 will be able to join for free.

Members get the support of a national community with a safety code, and membership base affording the ability to operate on a recreational basis without FAA license.

Go to droneusergroup.net to join and help us help one another by protecting and promoting positive Drone uses.

Steven Cohen, President

Christopher Vo, Vice President

Brian Walk, Officer

Fred Briggs, Officer





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