Happy New Year From The Drone User Group Network!

Is joining the Drone User Group Network one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s why it should be!

Joining our organization gives you the freedom to fly sUAS under rules that make sense for this technology and at a low cost.

The Drone User Group Network (DUG) was the first Community Based Organization (CBO) to advocate for the positive uses of recreational and commercial civil drone technology and has promoted education, responsibility, and safe operating practices by means of events, advocacy, and education.

We are here to promote and to protect the pathway into reasonable uses of drone technology for STEM education, safety, training, and recreation. We are a pending 501c3 organization with a national membership and a safety code that is realistic and demonstrates responsibility to public safety.

As legislation is advanced that benefits corporate interests we need to stand firm. We need your help to further develop and grow the organization so that we may continue to have a seat at the table in crafting reasonable regulation and advocating for the recreational and Part 107 certified operators without conflicts that other organizations have demonstrated.

This is a community based organization and you are the community. The FAA and large corporations would prefer that all recreational drone operators be Part 107 certified even at a 250g weight class by eliminating FAR Part 336. This places an undue burden on students, teachers and the recreational community at large. Should you need to pass an exam and pay a licensure fee to fly a drone in your backyard? We don’t think so.

Please help us to grow our organization and join us here

In the next few days we will be announcing a very exciting and promising collaboration to benefit all drone and sUAS operators. Join now to take advantage of DUG member’s only benefits.


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