New Chapters FAQ

What are the requirements to become a DUG Chapter?

DUGs must have at least 10 members with at least two of those members being listed as an officer of the organization. A meeting must be held at least once per quarter year.

Are there requirements to be in a leadership role in a DUG Group?

We currently do not have specific requirements beyond observing and enforcing the safety code where applicable (meet-ups, races, educational events, etc.) and representing the drone community in a positive and beneficial light.

Do the Quarterly meetings need to have the minutes/date/etc. reported to the National Group?

DUG National does not require reporting of that nature. Depending on how the local group incorporates the state may require meeting minutes. For example in VA the DC DUG is incorporated as a nonstock corporation and technically is required to record meeting minutes at all board meetings and keep sufficient records of decisions made.

What exactly are the benefits of becoming a DUG member?

Benefits of becoming a DUG member:

  • Local community networking and educational programming
  • Contribute to advocacy efforts at local, state, and national levels
  • Discounts and other exclusive offers
  • Opportunity to be a part of shaping an emerging CBO

Are there any added benefits to being in a Leadership position in a DUG Group?

DUG Chapter Leaders gain recognition and local prominence through their leadership, networking, and being an active advocate for drones in their region. They’re able to contribute to advocacy efforts at national and local levels, participate and promote exclusive DUG offers, and most importantly, become a part of a CBO that is listening to its members and has their interests at its heart. Ultimately, good leaders are able to excite their members about opportunities to be involved and contribute.

What is the typical operating cost of a Regional Group?

Many groups use as a platform, which is about $14.99/month. But, you might want to build your own site or use Facebook instead. In the future, we’ll offer local Groups much of the same functionality of Meetup on this website.
Costs related to local events, programming, etc. are all up to the regional group and vary based size, region, and organization.

Are you allowed to charge your local members a membership fee?

Yes, regional DUGs may charge members according to their needs and provided benefits. DUG National membership is required and is separate from any local dues or fees. We intend to provide a member verification system soon for all DUG chapters.

How Can I Get Involved?

Please contact us if you are interested in forming a group in your region.

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