Frequently Asked Questions

What are your goals?

The primary goal of The DUG is to create a national community of safe, responsible drone operators that do cool things with drones and drone technology. To that end we have developed safety guidelines that more closely align with the needs of the drone user. Having the flexibility to create guidelines specific to our member’s needs is critical in encouraging growth and disseminating knowledge in our community. A national platform provides The DUG the opportunity to demonstrate the practices that we follow and to advocate for the positive uses of civil drone technology.

As our membership grows, we will be able to offer or promote special plans and packages to include insurance, legal services. educational content, and national advocacy.

What does membership cost?

Annual membership dues are US$20.00. During our first 6 months, membership is reduced 50% to US$10.00. Students under the age of 19 may join for free. This entitles you to fly under the DUGN safety guidelines.

All members must register their aircraft in accordance with FAA rules for aircraft weighing above 250g.

Members must operate according to The DUG Safety Code.


Where does the money go?

Funds generated by membership dues, donations, and sponsorships will be used to grow the organization, create new DUG groups, and produce educational content for network wide use. Revenue from membership dues may be used to aid in offering benefits such as insurance, educational content, national advocacy, and legal services.


How are DUG Regional Groups affected?

They’re not. Regional DUG Chapters may organize as they wish. There are no monetary obligations at this time other than a US$1.00 fee for use of DUG artwork, identity, and collateral.

The main responsibility of local groups is to help promote The DUG Safety Code and national membership so that we can use the collective power of our membership.


What’s the DUG’s Financial Situation?

The Drone User Group Network, Inc. is incorporated in the State of NY. We are currently in the process of filing our not-for-profit status documentation and discussing the options in which to approach it. We’re really fortunate to have some great legal and professional resources both within and outside of the DUG.

We have a small seed fund from our successful fundraising campaign in the Fall. That combined with membership fees to date gives us around US$3500.00 in our commercial bank acct. Our outflows have been limited to filing fees, signage for events, and monthly subscriptions for business services such as conference calling and email services.

Steven Cohen, Christopher Vo, Brian Walk, & Fred Briggs are the listed officers on the executive board currently. We will be adding and delineating more roles and positions as we develop our national presence. DUG officers are currently uncompensated.


How Can I Get Involved?

More information on the requirements for chapter formation is available in our New Chapters FAQ. Please contact us if you are interested in forming a group in your region.

Send us stories and media about your group. North Texas DUG has a very large SAR (Search and Rescue) based membership, Northern New England DUG just announced a shared site with a local business to promote indoor micro-drone racing. What’s going on in your area?


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