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Community Based Organization Condemns Reckless Flight by Drone Pilot in Las Vegas


New York, NY: Today, DUGN, a national 25,000 member community based drone organization condemned a reckless flight posted to Youtube. The video showed a drone flying in close proximity to a Frontier Airlines plane landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV.


After seeing the video, President Steve Cohen said, “We are shocked by the irresponsibility depicted in the video. DUGN condemns, in no uncertain terms, the reckless actions of the remote pilot. We hope that the FAA investigates this incident thoroughly, and works with the United States Department of Justice to hold this person to account if appropriate.”


Members of DUGN expressed frustration and dismay at the video. Many were concerned that those who fly within the law either as recreational or commercial remote pilots would be negatively affected by the actions of this operator. With discussions on Capitol Hill about revoking section 336 of Public Law 112-95 that governs recreational use of drones, reckless flights such as these provide additional justification to revocation. With federal security agencies already concerned, this type of activity invites even more draconian rules that would inhibit the growth of this booming economic sector.


“With so many positive drone uses such as for search and rescue, STEM education, agriculture, photography, inspection, and others, we hope that the public understands that this is not normal. We hope we do not get painted by the same brush. There are many remote pilots who are frustrated by and angry at the individual who flew with reckless indifference to the safety of others,” said Cohen, “It’s like street racers who get a thrill at racing 100 miles per hour through residential streets. It’s not right and not normal, and our communities are all condemning these actions.”

Editors Note: There is some question as to whether the video is a computer generated fake. We will edit our statement accordingly as facts become available.

About DUGN: Formed in 2012, the DUGN is the first organization formed to solely benefit and advocate for positive civilian unmanned aircraft use. The DUGN represent the interests of over 25,000 recreational and professional unmanned aircraft users throughout the nation. The demographically varied constituency consists of scientists, educators, creative professionals, and recreational operators all committed to responsible and safe unmanned aircraft operation.




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