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We write about an important matter we think you might have an interest in. Members and Leadership of The Drone User Group Network work closely with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) on advocacy at the federal, state and local levels. Many DUG members are also members of AMA, and both of our communities prioritize safety and innovative, educational drone applications.

The AMA elections are underway, and one of the candidates for Executive Vice President has caused DUG members significant concern. Lawrence Tougas is advocating for AMA to isolate new model aircraft technologies and to effectively disassociate AMA with drones. Tougas has specifically stated his desire to steer AMA away from attracting and supporting members who fly multirotor and FPV drones.

We feel this is the wrong approach for AMA and for the wider community, and will lead to a damaging rift among AMA members, and also among other drone operator communities. Our members have also endorsed Mr. Tougas’ opponent, Randy Cameron, citing his very effective work as a leader within AMA.

AMA’s election involves paper ballots mailed to you, that must be returned by mail, and these ballots have been distributed this week. As with other advocacy efforts, we urge you to be engaged in matters that can affect your right to fly.

If you are an AMA member, please watch your mailbox and take the time to vote in this important election.

Become engaged in your community to retain and improve Drone Operator’s rights – join and contribute to DUG National at in addition to participating in other groups such as NODE –

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